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[IMP] web: list: import attrs

The 'import' attrs is valid according to the rng definition of the
list view. It is used in a few views in Odoo. However, it didn't
actually work (in most cases, it worked by chance because it is
set to "0" in addition to create="0", and create="0" already
disables the import feature).

With this ref, the 'import' attrs is taken into account and we
can now disable the import feature even if the create one is
enabled. Moreover, it is now documented.
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aab-odoo committed Mar 13, 2019
1 parent 7024f8d commit 55676110c8787dfafd34a6508b207952f5c5eb88
@@ -13,11 +13,13 @@ var ImportViewMixin = {
* @override
* @param {Object} params
* @param {boolean} [params.import_enabled=true] determine if the import
* button is visible (in the control panel)
* @param {boolean} [params.import_enabled=true] set to false to disable
* the Import feature (no 'Import' button in the control panel). Can also
* be disabled with 'import' attrs set to '0' in the arch.
init: function (viewInfo, params) {
var importEnabled = 'import_enabled' in params ? params.import_enabled : true;
var importEnabled = !!JSON.parse(this.arch.attrs.import || '1') &&
('import_enabled' in params ? params.import_enabled : true);
this.controllerParams.importEnabled = importEnabled && !config.device.isMobile;
@@ -106,4 +106,35 @@ QUnit.test('kanban without import button', async function(assert) {

QUnit.test('import attrs in list views', async function (assert) {

var list = await createView({
View: ListView,
model: 'foo',
arch: '<tree import="0"><field name="foo"/></tree>',

assert.containsNone(list.$buttons, '.o_button_import');

QUnit.test('import attrs in kanban views', async function (assert) {

var kanban = await createView({
View: KanbanView,
model: 'foo',
arch: '<kanban import="0">' +
'<templates><t t-name="kanban-box">' +
'<div><field name="foo"/></div>' +
'</t></templates>' +

assert.containsNone(kanban.$buttons, '.o_button_import');
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ root can have the following attributes:
(``font-style: italic``), or any `bootstrap contextual color
<>`_ (``danger``,
``info``, ``muted``, ``primary``, ``success`` or ``warning``).
``create``, ``edit``, ``delete``, ``duplicate``
``create``, ``edit``, ``delete``, ``duplicate``, ``import``
allows *dis*\ abling the corresponding action in the view by setting the
corresponding attribute to ``false``

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