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[IMP] crm: fix companies and bypass checks in partners merge

Facing the following cases, only the database admin can merge res_partners:
1. The email addresses are different.
2. The origin contact(s) is (are) linked to some account move lines.

This commit adds a kwarg in the merge function. This argument allows to skip the two tests.
So they can be bypassed when overloading the function (depending of the current user access
rights for instance) in order to merge partners even if they have different email addresses
or with account move lines on the origin one.

It can also be called programatically and bypass the checks.

This commit also makes the merge wizard correct any inconsistence in the
allowed companies/currency company of the merged contacts and the
related user(s).

Closes ##24376
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Whenrow authored and odony committed Apr 9, 2018
1 parent 819cc0e commit 55bdb7b33b4a1a431b2b00d9450b7ea68303b270
Showing with 13 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +13 −4 odoo/addons/base/wizard/
@@ -249,11 +249,16 @@ def write_serializer(item):
except ValidationError:'Skip recursive partner hierarchies for parent_id %s of partner: %s', parent_id,
def _merge(self, partner_ids, dst_partner=None):
def _merge(self, partner_ids, dst_partner=None, extra_checks=True):
""" private implementation of merge partner
:param partner_ids : ids of partner to merge
:param dst_partner : record of destination res.partner
:param extra_checks: pass False to bypass extra sanity check (e.g. email address)
# super-admin can be used to bypass extra checks
if self.env.uid == SUPERUSER_ID:
extra_checks = False
Partner = self.env['res.partner']
partner_ids = Partner.browse(partner_ids).exists()
if len(partner_ids) < 2:
@@ -269,8 +274,7 @@ def _merge(self, partner_ids, dst_partner=None):
if partner_ids & child_ids:
raise UserError(_("You cannot merge a contact with one of his parent."))
# check only admin can merge partners with different emails
if SUPERUSER_ID != self.env.uid and len(set( for partner in partner_ids)) > 1:
if extra_checks and len(set( for partner in partner_ids)) > 1:
raise UserError(_("All contacts must have the same email. Only the Administrator can merge contacts with different emails."))
# remove dst_partner from partners to merge
@@ -283,9 +287,14 @@ def _merge(self, partner_ids, dst_partner=None):"dst_partner: %s",
# FIXME: is it still required to make and exception for account.move.line since accounting v9.0 ?
if SUPERUSER_ID != self.env.uid and 'account.move.line' in self.env and self.env['account.move.line'].sudo().search([('partner_id', 'in', [ for partner in src_partners])]):
if extra_checks and 'account.move.line' in self.env and self.env['account.move.line'].sudo().search([('partner_id', 'in', [ for partner in src_partners])]):
raise UserError(_("Only the destination contact may be linked to existing Journal Items. Please ask the Administrator if you need to merge several contacts linked to existing Journal Items."))
# Make the company of all related users consistent
for user in partner_ids.mapped('user_ids'):
user.write({'company_ids': [(6, 0, [])],
# call sub methods to do the merge
self._update_foreign_keys(src_partners, dst_partner)
self._update_reference_fields(src_partners, dst_partner)

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