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[IMP] base: compute implied groups in SQL

SQL improve the speed of the implied group
VS the orm version.

closes #30108
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KangOl authored and nseinlet committed Jan 10, 2019
1 parent b131658 commit 5f12e244f6e57b8edb56788147774150e2ae134d
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  1. +20 −2 odoo/addons/base/res/
@@ -657,8 +657,26 @@ def write(self, values):
if values.get('users') or values.get('implied_ids'):
# add all implied groups (to all users of each group)
for group in self:
vals = {'users': zip(repeat(4), group.with_context(active_test=False).users.ids)}
super(GroupsImplied, group.trans_implied_ids).write(vals)
WITH RECURSIVE group_imply(gid, hid) AS (
SELECT gid, hid
FROM res_groups_implied_rel
SELECT i.gid, r.hid
FROM res_groups_implied_rel r
JOIN group_imply i ON (i.hid = r.gid)
INSERT INTO res_groups_users_rel (gid, uid)
SELECT i.hid, r.uid
FROM group_imply i, res_groups_users_rel r
WHERE r.gid = i.gid
AND i.gid = %(gid)s
SELECT r.gid, r.uid
FROM res_groups_users_rel r
JOIN group_imply i ON (r.gid = i.hid)
WHERE i.gid = %(gid)s
""", dict(
return res

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