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[FIX] wording

I think expiration it's much clearer.
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fhe-odoo committed Nov 8, 2018
1 parent e9e8648 commit 6611ec761acaf013328c456ec81e2dea9875a035
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@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ def _get_payment_type(self):
('cancel', 'Cancelled'),
], string='Status', readonly=True, copy=False, index=True, track_visibility='onchange', track_sequence=3, default='draft')
date_order = fields.Datetime(string='Order Date', required=True, readonly=True, index=True, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)], 'sent': [('readonly', False)]}, copy=False,
validity_date = fields.Date(string='Validity', readonly=True, copy=False, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)], 'sent': [('readonly', False)]},
validity_date = fields.Date(string='Expiration', readonly=True, copy=False, states={'draft': [('readonly', False)], 'sent': [('readonly', False)]},
help="Validity date of the quotation, after this date, the customer won't be able to validate the quotation online.", default=_default_validity_date)
is_expired = fields.Boolean(compute='_compute_is_expired', string="Is expired")
require_signature = fields.Boolean('Online Signature', default=_get_default_require_signature, readonly=True,

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