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[IMP] point_of_sale: Add splash screen for IoT Box

Remove the raspberries at the start of the box
Disable the raspberry 'color test'
Add a splash screen 'Odoo - IoT Box - Booting...'

task id:2149764
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qle-odoo committed Dec 2, 2019
1 parent 3abe39e commit 6df65ddc3b931addfe8c9a1723b3110fef6fb1a5
Binary file not shown.
@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ PKGS_TO_INSTALL="
x11-utils \
xserver-xorg-video-dummy \
openbox \
fbi \
rpi-update \
adduser \
libpq-dev \
@@ -155,6 +156,7 @@ systemctl enable autologin@.service
systemctl disable systemd-timesyncd.service
systemctl unmask hostapd.service
systemctl disable hostapd.service
systemctl enable splashscreen.service

# disable overscan in /boot/config.txt, we can't use
# overwrite_after_init because it's on a different device
@@ -163,9 +165,18 @@ systemctl disable hostapd.service
# cf:
echo "disable_overscan=1" >> /boot/config.txt

# Disable the Raspberry Pi ‘color test’
echo "disable_splash=1" >> /boot/config.txt

# Separate framebuffers for both screens on RPI4
sed -i '/dtoverlay/d' /boot/config.txt

# Send the various bits of output from the kernel and friends to console tty2
sed -ie "s/console=tty1/console=tty2/g" /boot/cmdline.txt

# Add Odoo splash screen / remove raspberries logo
sed -i "$ s/$/ splash logo.nologo/" /boot/cmdline.txt

# exclude /drivers folder from git info to be able to load specific drivers
echo "addons/hw_drivers/drivers/" > /home/pi/odoo/.git/info/exclude

@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
Description=Splash screen

ExecStart=/usr/bin/fbi -d /dev/fb0 --noverbose -a /var/www/splash.png


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