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[FIX] sale: force maximum section/subtotal width

Step to reproduce:
- Install sale (sale_management) and studio (web_studio)
- Change the document template (settings > configuration > general
settings) to select the second one
- Go to an order form
- Enable studio, select "Reports" in the right tab
- Edit the "Quotation/Order" report, add a new colomn
- Back to the order form, enable dev mode and add a section to the order
- Print the report => the section is not using all the available place.

The section/subtotal are using a colspan to use all the place in the
table, this colspan is hardcoded to 5, the number of columns without
customization. Adding a new column doesn't change that value.

The fix has been to force the colspan at 99, the maximum value for
colspans. Using that value will always render the row to fill the table.


closes #31951

Signed-off-by: Julien Castiaux <>
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Julien00859 committed Mar 19, 2019
1 parent 8003289 commit 716ff76d5e639654171a8795461282f3e80a74dc
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 addons/sale/report/sale_report_templates.xml
@@ -116,22 +116,22 @@
<t t-if="line.display_type == 'line_section'">
<td t-att-colspan="colspan">
<td t-att-colspan="99">
<span t-field=""/>
<t t-set="current_section" t-value="line"/>
<t t-set="current_subtotal" t-value="0"/>
<t t-if="line.display_type == 'line_note'">
<td t-att-colspan="colspan">
<td t-att-colspan="99">
<span t-field=""/>

<t t-if="current_section and (line_last or doc.order_line[line_index+1].display_type == 'line_section')">
<tr class="is-subtotal text-right">
<td t-att-colspan="colspan">
<td t-att-colspan="99">
<strong class="mr16">Subtotal</strong>

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