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[FIX] purchase: anglosaxon accounting: fix wrong computation of produ…

…ct quantity when there are already stock moves for it

Before that, making a vendor bill for a product valuated on average cost in automated valuation and anglosaxon accounting caused wrong amounts to be written in the account.move corresponding to the invoice. This ultimately caused the payable account's amount to be wrong (as it is computed to balance the move), and the bill to show an amount due different from its total, even though nothing was reconciled with it.

OPW 1967289
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oco-odoo committed Apr 23, 2019
1 parent f7414c0 commit 74bd37849a7dce1435f4056a0d04798ad141dffd
Showing with 2 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +2 −4 addons/purchase/models/
@@ -172,7 +172,6 @@ def _anglo_saxon_purchase_move_lines(self, i_line, res):
if line.get('invl_id', 0) == and reference_account_id == line['account_id']:
# valuation_price unit is always expressed in invoice currency, so that it can always be computed with the good rate
valuation_price_unit = company_currency.compute(i_line.product_id.uom_id._compute_price(i_line.product_id.standard_price, i_line.uom_id), inv.currency_id, round=False)
line_quantity = line['quantity']

if i_line.product_id.cost_method != 'standard' and i_line.purchase_line_id:
po_currency = i_line.purchase_id.currency_id
@@ -201,13 +200,12 @@ def _anglo_saxon_purchase_move_lines(self, i_line, res):
# in Stock Move, price unit is in company_currency
valuation_price_unit = valuation_price_unit_total / valuation_total_qty
valuation_price_unit = i_line.product_id.uom_id._compute_price(valuation_price_unit, i_line.uom_id)
line_quantity = valuation_total_qty

elif i_line.product_id.cost_method == 'fifo':
# In this condition, we have a real price-valuated product which has not yet been received
valuation_price_unit = po_currency.with_context( or inv.date_invoice).compute(i_line.purchase_line_id.price_unit, inv.currency_id, round=False)

interim_account_price = valuation_price_unit * line_quantity
interim_account_price = valuation_price_unit * line['quantity']
invoice_cur_prec = inv.currency_id.decimal_places

if float_compare(valuation_price_unit, i_line.price_unit, precision_digits=invoice_cur_prec) != 0 and float_compare(line['price_unit'], i_line.price_unit, precision_digits=invoice_cur_prec) == 0:
@@ -237,7 +235,7 @@ def _anglo_saxon_purchase_move_lines(self, i_line, res):
'type': 'src',
'price_unit': inv.currency_id.round(price_unit_val_dif),
'quantity': line_quantity,
'quantity': line['quantity'],
'price': inv.currency_id.round(price_val_dif),
'account_id': acc,
'product_id': line['product_id'],

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