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mpa-odoo committed Feb 11, 2019
1 parent 3eaba42 commit 7a332ba63bd7a89acb9b590651edfd09e2b0c69f
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  1. +6 −3 addons/sale/data/mail_data.xml
@@ -61,11 +61,14 @@
<xpath expr="//t[@t-set='access_name']" position="after">
<t t-if="record._name == 'sale.order'">
<t t-if="record.has_to_be_signed(include_draft=True)">
<t t-if="record.has_to_be_paid()" t-set="access_name">Sign and pay online</t>
<t t-else="" t-set="access_name">Accept and sign online</t>
<t t-if="record.has_to_be_paid()" t-set="access_name">Sign &amp; Pay Quotation</t>
<t t-else="" t-set="access_name">Accept &amp; Sign Quotation</t>
<t t-elif="record.has_to_be_paid(include_draft=True)">
<t t-set="access_name">Pay online</t>
<t t-set="access_name">Accept &amp; Pay Quotation</t>
<t t-elif="record.state in ('draft', 'sent')">
<t t-set="access_name">View Quotation</t>

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