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[ADD] website_sale: adds a complete ecommerce tour/flow

This commit adds `website_sale_tour` test which is testing the whole ecommerce

This tour will test b2b and b2c flow using public user, tests website sale
flows with tax included and tax excluded price. Also test address management.

Also, the signup URL needed to be modified as PhantomJS run all tour on domain but ignup button has absolute URL.
Runbot stores next step to be executed on `localStorage` and due to domain
name change during tour execution, it will lose track and runbot will fail.

Closes: #24179

Co-authored-by: Ravi Gadhia <>
Co-authored-by: Mohammed Shekha <>
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3 people committed Mar 26, 2018
1 parent 4816d27 commit 7f9446d434ae50a04489f53c950b905dacee2c9d
@@ -94,7 +94,11 @@ def _get_signup_url_for_action(self, url=None, action=None, view_type=None, menu
if fragment:
query['redirect'] = base + werkzeug.urls.url_encode(fragment)

res[] = werkzeug.urls.url_join(base_url, "/web/%s?%s" % (route, werkzeug.urls.url_encode(query)))
url = "/web/%s?%s" % (route, werkzeug.urls.url_encode(query))
if not self.env.context.get('relative_url'):
url = werkzeug.urls.url_join(base_url, url)
res[] = url

return res

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