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[IMP] project: Don't display stages if project is not set


If the user creates a task and if the project isn't set, then all the
stages that are not linked to a project are displayed, which is polluting
the form view.


If no project is set on the task form view, do not display any stages
in the statusbar.
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tivisse committed Nov 8, 2019
1 parent 194627a commit 9768b0344cf84fc5745f3f26ca17e6f87bd1f451
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 addons/project/views/project_views.xml
@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@
<button name="action_assign_to_me" string="Assign to Me" type="object" class="oe_highlight"
attrs="{'invisible' : [('user_id', '!=', False)]}"/>
<field name="stage_id" widget="statusbar" options="{'clickable': '1', 'fold_field': 'fold'}"/>
<field name="stage_id" widget="statusbar" options="{'clickable': '1', 'fold_field': 'fold'}" attrs="{'invisible': [('project_id', '=', False)]}"/>
<sheet string="Task">
<div class="oe_button_box" name="button_box">

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