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[ADD] MRP : Test auto cancelation MO based on outgoing shipment cancel.

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jir-odoo committed Apr 12, 2019
1 parent b0f7248 commit a3a6abc57ea21f3fb827e715685cd5dd3bddd394
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@@ -147,3 +147,37 @@ def test_01_product_route_level_delays(self):
msg="Schedule date of manufacturing order should be equal to: Schedule date of pack type picking - product's Manufacturing Lead Time."

def test_02_forward_cancel_confirm_manufacturing_order(self):
""" Test confirm manufacturing order based on rule with option forward cancelation."""

# Update warehouse_1 with Outgoing Shippings pick + pack + ship
self.warehouse_1.write({'delivery_steps': 'pick_pack_ship'})

# Set delay on pull rule
self.warehouse_1.delivery_route_id.rule_ids.write({'previous_move_propagate': True})
self.warehouse_1.mto_pull_id.write({'previous_move_propagate': True})

# Create sale order of product_1
order_form = Form(self.env['sale.order'])
order_form.partner_id = self.partner_1
order_form.warehouse_id = self.warehouse_1
with as line:
line.product_id = self.product_1
line.product_uom_qty = 6
order =
# Confirm sale order

# Run scheduler

# Check manufacturing order created or not
manufacturing_order = self.env['mrp.production'].search([('product_id', '=',])
self.assertTrue(manufacturing_order, 'Manufacturing order should be created.')
# Check status of manufacturing orders.
self.assertEqual(manufacturing_order.state, 'confirmed')
# Cancel the delivery order.
out = order.picking_ids.filtered(lambda r: r.picking_type_id == self.warehouse_1.out_type_id)
self.assertEqual(manufacturing_order.state, 'confirmed')

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