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[IMP] create doc for map_view

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Thomas Werland
Thomas Werland committed May 9, 2019
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@@ -1945,6 +1945,7 @@ Possible children elements of the search view are:

.. _reference/views/search/defaults:

Search defaults

@@ -1963,6 +1964,64 @@ assuming ``foo`` is a field and ``bar`` is a filter an action context of:
will automatically enable the ``bar`` filter and search the ``foo`` field for

.. _reference/views/map:


This view is able to display records on a map and the routes between them. The record are represented by pins. It also allows the visualization of fields from the model in a popup tied to the record's pin.

.. note::

The model on which the view is applied should contains a res.partner many2one since the view relies on the res.partner's address and coordinates fields to localize the records.

.. warning::

The Map view is only available in Odoo Enterprise

.. _reference/views/map/api:


The view uses location data plateforms' api to fetch the tiles (the map's background), do the geoforwarding (converting addresses to a set of coordinates) and fetch the routes.
The view implements two api, the default one, openstreet map is able to fetch `tiles`_ and do `geoforwarding`_. This api does not require a token.
As soon as a valid `MapBox`_ token is provided in the general settings the view switches to the Mapbox api. This api is faster and allows the computation of routes. The token are avalaible by `signing up`_ to MapBox

.. _reference/views/structural components:

Structural components

The view's root element is ``<map>`` multiple attributes are allowed

Contains the res.partner many2one. If not provided the view will resort to create an empty map.
If a field is provided the view will override the model's default order. The field must be apart of the model on which the view is applied not from res.partner
if ``true`` the routes between the records will be shown. The view still needs a valid MapBox token and at least two located records. (i.e the records has a res.partner many2one and the partner has a address or valid coordinates)

The only element allowed within the ``<map>`` element is the ``<marker-popup>``. This element is able to contain multiple ``<field>`` elements. Each of these elements whill be interpreted as a line in the marker's popup. The field's attributes are the following:

The field to display.
This string will be displayed before the field's content. It Can be used as a description.

No attribute or element is mandatory but as stated above if no res.partner many2one is provided the view won't be able to locate records.

For example here is a map:
.. code-block:: xml
<map res_partner="partner_id" default_order="date_begin" routing="true">
<field name="name" string="Task: "/>
.. _reference/views/qweb:

@@ -2019,6 +2078,10 @@ The main additions of qweb-as-view to the basic qweb-as-template are:
should only contain xpath elements
.. _geoforwarding:
.. _tiles:
.. _MapBox:
.. _signing up:
.. _accesskey:
.. _CSS color unit:
.. _floats:

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