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[FIX] web: list many2one quick-create

Allows the quick create on m2o in list views

Before this commit, when entering a new value in a many2one in a list and
exiting the cell through a click, the quick-create modal appeared for the
duration of the mousedown.

Now, the modal remains and allow to edit the new many2one value

Task 2076380

closes #38237

Signed-off-by: Nicolas Martinelli (nim) <>
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fw-bot authored and Arcasias committed Oct 8, 2019
1 parent 28ebe6d commit c00f84eb0a176b8d23927080078eb02dc2e5d806
@@ -901,14 +901,32 @@ var ListFieldMany2One = FieldMany2One.extend({
this.m2oDialogFocused = false;
* In list views, we don't want to try to trigger a fieldChange when the field
* In case the focus is lost from a mousedown, we want to prevent the click occuring on the
* following mouseup since it might trigger some unwanted list functions.
* If it's not the case, we want to remove the added handler on the next mousedown.
* @see list_editable_renderer._onWindowClicked()
* Also, in list views, we don't want to try to trigger a fieldChange when the field
* is being emptied. Instead, it will be triggered as the user leaves the field
* while it is empty.
* @override
* @private
_onInputFocusout: function () {
if (this.can_create && this.floating) {
// In case the focus out is due to a mousedown, we want to prevent the next click
var attachedEvents = ['click', 'mousedown'];
var stopNextClick = (function (ev) {
attachedEvents.forEach(function (eventName) {
window.removeEventListener(eventName, stopNextClick, true);
attachedEvents.forEach(function (eventName) {
window.addEventListener(eventName, stopNextClick, true);
this._super.apply(this, arguments);
if (!this.m2oDialogFocused && this.$input.val() === "" && this.mustSetValue) {
@@ -8258,6 +8258,36 @@ QUnit.module('Views', {

QUnit.test("quickcreate in a many2one in a list", async function (assert) {

const list = await createView({
arch: '<tree editable="top"><field name="m2o"/></tree>',
model: 'foo',
View: ListView,

await$('.o_data_row:first .o_data_cell:first'));

const $input = list.$('.o_data_row:first .o_data_cell:first input');
await testUtils.fields.editInput($input, "aaa");

await testUtils.nextTick();

assert.containsOnce(document.body, '.modal', "the quick_create modal should appear");

await$('.modal .btn-primary:first'));

assert.strictEqual(list.el.getElementsByClassName('o_data_cell')[0].innerHTML, "aaa",
"value should have been updated");


QUnit.test('float field render with digits attribute on listview', async function (assert) {

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