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[FIX] stock: remove duplicated field definiton

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Yenthe666 authored and sle-odoo committed Apr 16, 2019
1 parent 8c37747 commit c07617a359cacfb86390ebe1171ede191d59c8f1
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  1. +0 −1 addons/stock/models/
@@ -68,7 +68,6 @@ class Warehouse(models.Model):
resupply_route_ids = fields.One2many(
'stock.location.route', 'supplied_wh_id', 'Resupply Routes',
help="Routes will be created for these resupply warehouses and you can select them on products and product categories")
warehouse_count = fields.Integer(compute='_compute_warehouse_count')
show_resupply = fields.Boolean(compute="_compute_show_resupply")
_sql_constraints = [
('warehouse_name_uniq', 'unique(name, company_id)', 'The name of the warehouse must be unique per company!'),

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