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[FIX] project: remove group_by from the context

The group_by was passed from context from the action spawning a new view.
This meant that it could give a group_by a field that was not defined on the
destination view, causing a js traceback.

opw 1884035
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len-odoo committed Sep 13, 2018
1 parent 1e0a92c commit c8441a69c2497c3d26afee25b3e1baab8a15fec1
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@@ -399,6 +399,7 @@ def action_view_all_rating(self):
action_context = safe_eval(action['context']) if action['context'] else {}
action_context['search_default_parent_res_name'] =
action_context.pop('group_by', None)
return dict(action, context=action_context)
# ---------------------------------------------------

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