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[FIX] (website_)sale: hide single attribute value in p. configurator

Targets commit d3530eb
References task id 1892022

- When there is only one attribute value for an attribute configured in a product's variants,
  it should be hidden in the product configurator.
  e.g: The only value selected for the "Material" attribute is the "Wood" value for the "Customizable Desk".
  The radio selection is hidden and "Material: Wood" is displayed in the product's description.

- Fixed a class name typo

closes #27604
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awa-odoo committed Oct 10, 2018
1 parent 36cadc3 commit c9041e8dcfbfe93676f4d2cb1bf96e512afbac38
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class ProductAttributeValue(models.Model):
attribute type is 'Color'.""")
class ProductProductAttributeValue(models.Model):
class ProductTemplateAttributeValue(models.Model):
_inherit = "product.template.attribute.value"
html_color = fields.Char('HTML Color Index', related="product_attribute_value_id.html_color")
@@ -177,7 +177,10 @@
<t t-set="attribute_exclusions" t-value="get_attribute_exclusions(product, reference_product)"/>
<ul t-attf-class="list-unstyled js_add_cart_variants #{ul_class}" t-att-data-attribute_exclusions="json.dumps(attribute_exclusions)">
<t t-foreach="product.attribute_line_ids.sorted(key=lambda x: x.attribute_id.sequence)" t-as="variant_id">
<li t-att-data-attribute_id="" t-att-data-attribute_name="" class="variant_attribute">
<!-- Attributes selection is hidden if there is only one value available and it's not a custom value -->
<li t-att-data-attribute_id=""
t-attf-class="variant_attribute #{'d-none' if len(variant_id.product_template_value_ids) == 1 and not variant_id.product_template_value_ids[0].is_custom else ''}">
<strong t-field="" class="attribute_name" />

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