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[FIX] survey: ignore extra questions of random surveys

When a random survey does not use all the questions available in a page
because of the random_questions_count field, _get_answers_correctness
was still including them in the skipped category.

This commit ensures that those questions are not included in the result,
and adds a test that checks it.

closes #47362

Signed-off-by: Thibault Delavallee (tde) <>
X-original-commit: 4df4347
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madprog committed Mar 11, 2020
1 parent e4ebd3e commit e7fe3379a56372e3677af7f3a78e00a4a0ad60d8
Showing with 73 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +73 −0 addons/survey/tests/
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ def _format_submission_data(self, question, answer, additional_post_data):
post_data = {}
post_data['question_id'] =
post_data.update(self._prepare_post_data(question, answer, post_data))
if question.page_id:
post_data['page_id'] =
return post_data

@@ -142,3 +144,74 @@ def test_flow_certification(self):
self.assertIn("", certification_email.email_to)
self.assertEqual(len(certification_email.attachment_ids), 1)
self.assertEqual(certification_email.attachment_ids[0].name, 'Certification Document.html')

def test_randomized_certification(self):
# Step: survey user creates the randomized certification
# --------------------------------------------------
with self.with_user(self.survey_user):
certification = self.env['survey.survey'].create({
'title': 'User randomized Certification',
'questions_layout': 'page_per_section',
'questions_selection': 'random',
'state': 'open',

page1 = self._add_question(
None, 'Page 1', None,

q101 = self._add_question(
None, 'What is the answer to the first question?', 'simple_choice',
constr_mandatory=True, constr_error_msg='Please select an answer',,
{'value': 'The correct answer', 'is_correct': True, 'answer_score': 1.0},
{'value': 'The wrong answer'},

q102 = self._add_question(
None, 'What is the answer to the second question?', 'simple_choice',
constr_mandatory=True, constr_error_msg='Please select an answer',,
{'value': 'The correct answer', 'is_correct': True, 'answer_score': 1.0},
{'value': 'The wrong answer'},

# Step: employee takes the randomized certification
# --------------------------------------------------
self.authenticate('user_emp', 'user_emp')

# Employee opens start page
response = self._access_start(certification)

# -> this should have generated a new user_input with a token
user_inputs = self.env['survey.user_input'].search([('survey_id', '=',])
self.assertEqual(len(user_inputs), 1)
self.assertEqual(user_inputs.partner_id, self.user_emp.partner_id)
answer_token = user_inputs.access_token

# Employee begins survey with first page
response = self._access_page(certification, answer_token)
self.assertResponse(response, 200)
csrf_token = self._find_csrf_token(response.text)

with patch.object(IrMailServer, 'connect'):
question_ids = user_inputs.predefined_question_ids
self.assertEqual(len(question_ids), 1, 'Only one question should have been selected by the randomization')
# Whatever which question was selected, the correct answer is the first one
self._answer_question(question_ids, question_ids.suggested_answer_ids.ids[0], answer_token, csrf_token)


statistics = user_inputs._prepare_statistics()
self.assertEqual(statistics, [[
{'text': 'Correct', 'count': 1},
{'text': 'Partially', 'count': 0},
{'text': 'Incorrect', 'count': 0},
{'text': 'Unanswered', 'count': 0},
]], "With the configured randomization, there should be exactly 1 correctly answered question and none skipped.")

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