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[FIX] website_crm_partner_assign: stage breadcrumb in order

If the stage breadcrumb on the portal view is too long, it could get on
two lines but since they are righ-aligned in inversed order, the second
line (or more) will be the first stages.

With this fix, the breadcrumbs are left-aligned so on two line the
second line are the last breadcrumbs.

Also there was possibly a different order than backend since the order
is on "sequence, name, id" in backend but was just "sequence" here.

closes #31237
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nle-odoo committed Feb 19, 2019
1 parent d12c993 commit ed1200d047313e81f1a427110ab3fe4f3a3ab192
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ def portal_my_opportunity(self, opp, **kw):
"website_crm_partner_assign.portal_my_opportunity", {
'opportunity': opp,
'user_activity': opp.sudo().activity_ids.filtered(lambda activity: activity.user_id == request.env.user)[:1],
'stages': request.env['crm.stage'].search([('probability', '!=', '100')], order='sequence desc'),
'stages': request.env['crm.stage'].search([('probability', '!=', '100')], order='sequence desc, name desc, id desc'),
'activity_types': request.env['mail.activity.type'].sudo().search([]),
'states': request.env[''].sudo().search([]),
'countries': request.env[''].sudo().search([]),
@@ -510,12 +510,12 @@
<div class="col-md text-md-right">
<div class="d-inline-block">
<small class="mr-2"><b>Stage:</b></small>
<div t-foreach="stages" t-as="stage" class="float-right">
<small class="mr-2 mt-1 float-left"><b>Stage:</b></small>
<div t-foreach="stages[::-1]" t-as="stage" class="float-left">
<i t-if="not stage_first" class="fa fa-chevron-right ml-2 mr-1 small" style="opacity: 0.5"/>
<button type="button" t-att-data="" t-att-opp="" t-attf-class="btn btn-sm px-2 opp-stage-button #{'btn-secondary' if != else 'btn-primary disabled'}">
<span t-field=""/>
<i t-if="not stage_first" class="fa fa-chevron-right ml-1 mr-2 small" style="opacity: 0.5"/>

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