[10.0] Pricing section not displayed correctly on form view of product.product #15009

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Impacted versions: 10.0 (at least)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. connect to runbot
  2. go to the menu "Point of Sales > Orders > Products" (note that this menu entry is on product.product, not on product.template as most other menu entries for products, that's why I use it to show the bug)
  3. Click on a product and go to the "Sales" tab
    => The "Pricing" section is empty, that's the bug
  4. Click on "Edit" and then click on "Discard"
    => The "Pricing" section now has some content: you can see the O2M widget !
    => But the first column of this widget is "Applicable on" whereas it should be "Pricelist" => that's the second problem of this bug.

Just found out that the field "item_ids" is replaced by another field "pricelist_item_ids" in the view "product.product_normal_form_view", which explains the second problem of the bug...

@alexis-via alexis-via added a commit to akretion/odoo that referenced this issue Jan 10, 2017
@alexis-via alexis-via FIX bug #15009 display pricelist name in the Pricing section of produ…
…ct.product form view

The second problem is fixed in the PR.

The first problem only happens when the is no pricelist item for that product. When the product (or it's product template) has some pricelist item, the O2M widget is immediately shown. So it's not a big problem (even if it's still a strange issue).

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