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try to fix #14999

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jeffery9 added some commits Jan 11, 2017
@jeffery9 jeffery9 improve china account template
@jeffery9 jeffery9 improve account code 367a4e0
+ <!--
+ Copyright (C) 2008-2008 凯源吕鑫 <basic chart data>
+ Copyright (C) 2008-now 开阖软件 < PM and LTS >
+ Copyright (C) 2017-now
mart-e Jan 11, 2017 Member

please avoid putting copyright notice in every file, you can put it in the description of the module if needed

jeffery9 Jan 12, 2017 Contributor


@@ -14,17 +14,21 @@
'maintainer': '',
'website': '',
'description': """
mart-e Jan 11, 2017 Member

Could you also add a description in English (can have both)? This way, non-speakers can understand what this module is about.

jeffery9 Jan 12, 2017 Contributor

nice advice, I should rewrite those message

mart-e commented Jan 11, 2017


Thank you for the big changes. However, I am a bit afraid this is too risky for a stable version.
Could you detail what you have changed exactly? Is it only moving from one file to several ones? Is there some records that have been removed?

@jeffery9 jeffery9 arrange and move copyright into manifest and __init__, add english de…
…scription, increase version number.
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