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[FIX] account: reconciliation matching rule div by zero #32105

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Just for now

[FIX] account: reconciliation matching rule div by zero

Do a MISC operation representing a payment
revert it

Do a statement line for that amount

Click on "reconcile" on the bank journal

Before this commit there was a Division By Zero traceback
This was because the bank account line had a zero amount_residual
due to its reversion
while the statement line was negative.

After this commit, for liquidity lines, we take the total amount instead of the residual
Because a reverted payment line can always be associated with a statement

OPW 1947362
courtesy of @smetl ( for the fix
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kebeclibre committed Mar 25, 2019
commit a213b53c59452b676bdfc4293dccbe3fceb1517d
@@ -393,6 +393,9 @@ def _get_invoice_matching_query(self, st_lines, excluded_ids=None, partner_map=N
aml.date_maturity AS aml_date_maturity,
aml.amount_residual AS aml_amount_residual,
aml.amount_residual_currency AS aml_amount_residual_currency,
aml.balance AS aml_balance,
aml.amount_currency AS aml_amount_currency,
account.internal_type AS account_internal_type,
-- Determine a matching or not with the statement line communication using the or move.ref.
regexp_split_to_array(TRIM(REGEXP_REPLACE(, '[^0-9|^\s]', '', 'g')),'\s+')
@@ -540,9 +543,12 @@ def _check_rule_propositions(self, statement_line, candidates):
return True

# Match total residual amount.
total_residual = sum(
aml['aml_currency_id'] and aml['aml_amount_residual_currency'] or aml['aml_amount_residual'] for aml in
total_residual = 0.0
for aml in candidates:
if aml['account_internal_type'] == 'liquidity':
total_residual += aml['aml_currency_id'] and aml['aml_amount_currency'] or aml['aml_balance']
total_residual += aml['aml_currency_id'] and aml['aml_amount_residual_currency'] or aml['aml_amount_residual']
line_residual = statement_line.currency_id and statement_line.amount_currency or statement_line.amount
line_currency = statement_line.currency_id or statement_line.journal_id.currency_id or statement_line.company_id.currency_id

@@ -24,8 +24,10 @@ def _create_invoice_line(self, amount, partner, type):
lines = invoice.move_id.line_ids
return lines.filtered(lambda l: l.account_id == invoice.account_id)

def _check_statement_matching(self, rules, expected_values):
statement_lines = (self.bank_st + self.cash_st).mapped('line_ids')
def _check_statement_matching(self, rules, expected_values, statements=None):
if statements is None:
statements = self.bank_st + self.cash_st
statement_lines = statements.mapped('line_ids')
matching_values = rules._apply_rules(statement_lines)
for st_line_id, values in matching_values.items():
values.pop('reconciled_lines', None)
@@ -34,6 +36,10 @@ def _check_statement_matching(self, rules, expected_values):
def setUp(self):
super(AccountingTestCase, self).setUp()

self.account_pay = self.env['account.account'].search([('internal_type', '=', 'payable')], limit=1)
self.account_liq = self.env['account.account'].search([('internal_type', '=', 'liquidity')], limit=1)
self.account_rcv = self.env['account.account'].search([('internal_type', '=', 'receivable')], limit=1)

self.partner_1 = self.env['res.partner'].create({'name': 'partner_1'})
self.partner_2 = self.env['res.partner'].create({'name': 'partner_2'})

@@ -45,7 +51,8 @@ def setUp(self):
current_assets_account = self.env['account.account'].search(
[('user_type_id', '=', self.env.ref('account.data_account_type_current_assets').id)], limit=1)

self.rule_1 = self.env.ref('account.reconciliation_model_default_rule')
self.rule_0 = self.env.ref('account.reconciliation_model_default_rule')
self.rule_1 = self.rule_0.copy()
self.rule_1.account_id = current_assets_account
self.rule_1.match_partner = True
self.rule_1.match_partner_ids |= self.partner_1 + self.partner_2
@@ -59,10 +66,10 @@ def setUp(self):

invoice_number =

bank_journal = self.env['account.journal'].search([('type', '=', 'bank')], limit=1)
self.bank_journal = self.env['account.journal'].search([('type', '=', 'bank')], limit=1)

self.bank_st = self.env[''].create({
'name': 'test bank journal', 'journal_id':,
'name': 'test bank journal', 'journal_id':,
self.bank_line_1 = self.env[''].create({
@@ -296,3 +303,47 @@ def test_auto_reconcile(self):
{'partner_id':, 'debit': 0.0, 'credit': 1000.0},
{'partner_id':, 'debit': 1000.0, 'credit': 0.0},

def test_reverted_move_matching(self):
AccountMove = self.env['account.move']
move = AccountMove.create({
'name': 'To Revert',

partner = self.env['res.partner'].create({'name': 'Eugene'})
AccountMoveLine = self.env['account.move.line'].with_context(check_move_validity=False)
payment_payable_line = AccountMoveLine.create({
'name': 'One of these days',
'debit': 10,
payment_bnk_line = AccountMoveLine.create({

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smetl Mar 26, 2019


@kebeclibre I highly encourage you to define your one2many like:

'line_ids': [(0, 0, {...}), (0, 0, {...}), ....]

...because it's:

  • more efficient (create batch)
  • more readable (less code)
  • avoid trick like .with_context(check_move_validity=False)

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kebeclibre Mar 26, 2019

Author Contributor

I feel you bro, but in tests we usually need a reference to a specific line to check it against some values,
just like I do at l347
Otherwise, we would have to with lambdas, which is, I guess, not very clearer :D

'name': 'I\'m gonna cut you into little pieces',
'credit': 10,
move_reversed = AccountMove.browse(move.reverse_moves())

bank_st = self.env[''].create({
'name': 'test bank journal', 'journal_id':,
bank_line_1 = self.env[''].create({
'name': '8',
'amount': -10,
'sequence': 1,

expected_values = { {'aml_ids': [], 'model': self.rule_0}
self._check_statement_matching(self.rule_0, expected_values, statements=bank_st)
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