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hbh-odoo and tde-banana-odoo [IMP] crm: merge lead and opportunity form views
When redirecting to record, the wrong 'form' view will sometimes be
loaded. A 'hack' has been done in to redirect the user to
the relevant 'form' view based on the value of the 'type' field.

However, this solution is not clean as it does not solve all cases
(multiple crm.lead records loaded from the activity systray, reloading
the page after redirection, etc.)

Goal of this task is to solve those issues by merging crm.lead.form.lead and
crm.lead.form.opportunity form views. That way multi records actions will
always display the relevant information according to record type.

Note: Here some fields used as a twice in the form view just to stay
close to the current design. Still few things which are not possible
here for 'lead' and 'opportunity', that is
* A dynamic 'placeholder' on 'name' field.
* A 'domain' on 'partner_id' field.
* A 'widget' on 'probability' field.

Task 47118

closes #32248

Signed-off-by: Thibault Delavallee (tde) <>
Latest commit e28d3aa Mar 28, 2019
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.github [IMP] .github: avoid to titleize the PR content Apr 4, 2018
.tx [MERGE] forward port branch saas-12.4 up to 98a5591 Aug 14, 2019
addons [IMP] crm: merge lead and opportunity form views Aug 20, 2019
debian [IMP] tools: remove custom pofile reader Jun 5, 2019
doc [CLA] signature for trilab Aug 19, 2019
odoo [IMP] base: better default for translation overwrite Aug 19, 2019
setup [FIX] packaging: add missing polib packages Jun 14, 2019
.gitignore [IMP] setup: ignore external files needed for win32 build Oct 3, 2017
.mailmap [FIX] v12 urls Oct 9, 2018
COPYRIGHT [LEGAL] Use global LICENSE/COPYRIGHT files, remove boilerplate text Jun 2, 2015
LICENSE [LEGAL] Switch to LGPLv3 License Sep 8, 2015 [FIX] packaging: add missing Jun 14, 2019 [MERGE] forward port branch 11.0 up to 25ac56e Oct 13, 2017 [ADD] Add security policy for our GitHub project May 24, 2019
odoo-bin [FIX] namespace packages: move from pkg_resources-style to pkg_util Sep 18, 2017
requirements.txt [IMP] tools: remove custom pofile reader Jun 5, 2019
setup.cfg [IMP] tools: remove custom pofile reader Jun 5, 2019 [FIX] packaging: oversight of polib in Jul 4, 2019

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