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The version of wkhtmltopdf available in Debian/Ubuntu repositories does not support headers and footers (requires patched QT version), so it must be downloaded from the project's page.

Version status

  • 0.12.0[.*]: not recommended, minimal supported version as of Odoo 8.

    • Several known issues fixed in 0.12.1.
  • 0.12.1[.*]: recommended for Odoo 9.0 and earlier (.deb for Debian jessie, .deb for Ubuntu Trusty/Xenial, .deb ( for Ubuntu Bionic (18.04)).
    Known problems:

    • Some rare crashes during layout of multi-page tables (workaround: play with margins and/or dpi settings: 96, 100, 110dpi). Appears to be fixed in 0.12.2, but this version has worse problems.
    • Known exponential memory usage and file descriptors usage when rendering documents with many pages (500+). Workaround: increase fd limit with ulimit, remove header/footers (internal layout). Experimental horrible patch: split the long table in smaller chunks and use pyPdf to merge the pages.
    • Debian: no official release of 0.12.1 for Debian. We've built one for Jessie here
  • 0.12.2[.*]: not recommended.
    Known problems:

  • 0.12.3: not recommended. Known problems:

    • --dpi parameter still broken, see 0.12.2
  • 0.12.4: not recommended. Was announced to include a fix for the --dpi bug (see 0.12.2) which is better than the zoom workaround, but apparently doesn't work on Linux. Some users report have tried to use option --disable-smart-shrinking but it still does not give the exact same result as 0.12.1.
    Broken on mac OS (fix coming in 0.12.5).

  • 0.12.5-1: recommended for Odoo 10 and later.

    • --dpi parameter behaves differently than with 0.12.1. It is however possible to obtain the exact same rendering than with 0.12.1, at the same DPI level, by adding --zoom 96/DPI. For example for the default 90 DPI, add --zoom 1.0666.
      This workaround is now enabled by default in Odoo 10 and later
    • The --disable-smart-shrinking option is not necessary and should not be used.
    • Debian: there is an official build of 0.12.5-1 (see discussion on issue #14127 for older builds).
    • The Odoo 11.0 Docker image is based on stretch and uses wkthmltopdf 0.12.5-1. Binary and libs are extracted in /usr/local/{bin,lib}.
    • Known problems:
      • opacity CSS directive seems broken, can be emulated with RGBA value
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