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Welcome to the data-governance wiki!

There is a lot going on in the field of data governance, due to the increased use of data intensive applications and the corresponding rise in regulations around safe data use.

The data governance PMC is seeking to help organizations adopt good data governance practices through the use of open data tools, engines and data management platforms. It is a partner project to the Open Metadata and Governance Open Source capability maintained by the ODPi Egeria project - see for more details. It seeks to help vendors adopt the open metadata and governance capability in their software products to improve their data management capabilities through an open and integrated ecosystem. It also seeks to help organizations operate effective data governance practices.

We are still in start up mode so as you explore the git hub files you will see skeletons of the different initiatives. There is also a slack channel that you can join (you need a linux foundation userid to log on) and you are welcome to join our weekly calls. They are Thursday 9:00am to 10:00am US Eastern and the meeting minutes are published on this wiki.

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