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Egeria - Open Metadata and Governance

Egeria provides the Apache 2.0 licensed open metadata and governance type system, frameworks, APIs, event payloads and interchange protocols to enable tools, engines and platforms to exchange metadata in order to get the best value from data, whilst ensuring it is properly governed.

Egeria governance

This project aims to operate in a transparent, accessible way for the benefit of the Egeria community. All participation in this project is open and not bound to any corporate affiliation.

To understand how to join and contribute, see the Community Guide. This includes the call schedule.

All participants are bound to the Egeria's Code of Conduct. The governance of the project is described in more detail in the Egeria Operations Guide.



We are grateful to YourKit, LLC for supporting open source projects with its full-feature Java Profiler.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the Egeria project.