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Open Metadata Labs

The open metadata labs contain Jupyter Notebooks that allow you to try different capabilities of ODPi Egeria. (Not sure what Jupyter Notebooks are, or how to run them? Check out our Beginner's Guide.)

Each notebook describes a scenario from the Coco Pharmaceuticals case study, focusing on a challenge that one or more of the personae face and how they approached the solution.

The calls to the Egeria APIs necessary to complete the challenge are encoded in the notebook so you can experiment with the APIs. These labs can be used for individual study, as part of a class and / or as the basis of a workbook for using Egeria within a specific organization.

Running the Labs

There are three main ways to run these labs:

Regardless of the manner in which you are running the labs, we suggest that you begin with the read-me-first.ipynb lab notebook to familiarize yourself with the tutorial tools. (You can start running it by simply double-clicking the filename in the left pane of the Jupyter interface.)

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.

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