Build ODPi Compliant Testing Sandbox

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First, install both VirtualBox and Vagrant on your local machine1.

If you just installed Vagrant install the required plugins. You may also need to install these if you already have Vagrant but have not used these plugins before. You will not need to repeat this step on subsequent sandbox builds.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager
vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier

Either way, you should clone the ODPi Bigtop repo for the code and then cd to the directory with the Vagrant files.

git clone
cd bigtop/bigtop-deploy/vm/vagrant-puppet-vm
git checkout --track origin/odpi-master

Build options

You can build either a standalone VM, or a Vagrant machine.

Build Vagrant machine

You can use vagrant to launch the image and connect to it by doing the following after executing the above commands2.

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Build Standalone VM

You can build a standalone VM by using the provided script.


You can use the generated image by launching the generated VM image in VirtualBox. Username is root and password is puppet2.

1. Make sure your versions of Vagrant and VirtualBox will play well together. For example VirtualBox 5.x requires Vagrant 1.8
2. Upgrade the packages in the Vagrant image using sudo yum -y upgrade before running any tests ( see ODPI-130 )

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