Free texture packer
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Free texture packer


Free texture packer creates sprite sheets for you game or site. Rotation, trimming, multipacking, various export formats (json, xml, css, pixi.js, phaser, cocos2d). Zip support. TinyPNG support.



Web version:

Desktop versions for win, mac, linux:

Gulp module:

Grunt plugin:

Webpack plugin:


Custom templates

Free texture packer uses mustache template engine.

There are 3 objects passed to template:

rects (Array) list of sprites for export

prop type description
name String sprite name
frame Object frame info (x, y, w, h, hw, hh)
rotated Boolean sprite rotation flag
trimmed Boolean sprite trimmed flag
spriteSourceSize Object sprite source size (x, y, w, h)
sourceSize Object original size (w, h)
first Boolean first element in array flag
last Boolean last element in array flag

config (Object) current export config

prop type description
imageWidth Number texture width
imageHeight Number texture height
scale Number texture scale
format String texture format
imageName String texture name
imageFile String texture file (name with extension)
base64Export Boolean base64 export flag
base64Prefix String prefix for base64 string
imageData String base64 image data

appInfo (Object) application info

prop type description
displayName String App name
version String App version
url String App url


  "frames": {
    "{{{name}}}": {
      "frame": {
        "x": {{frame.x}},
        "y": {{frame.y}},
        "w": {{frame.w}},
        "h": {{frame.h}}
      "rotated": {{rotated}},
      "trimmed": {{trimmed}},
      "spriteSourceSize": {
        "x": {{spriteSourceSize.x}},
        "y": {{spriteSourceSize.y}},
        "w": {{spriteSourceSize.w}},
        "h": {{spriteSourceSize.h}}
      "sourceSize": {
        "w": {{sourceSize.w}},
        "h": {{sourceSize.h}}
      "pivot": {
        "x": 0.5,
        "y": 0.5
  "meta": {
    "app": "{{{appInfo.url}}}",
    "version": "{{appInfo.version}}",
    "image": "{{config.imageFile}}",
    "format": "{{config.format}}",
    "size": {
      "w": {{config.imageWidth}},
      "h": {{config.imageHeight}}
    "scale": {{config.scale}}