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DTRichTextEditor Demo

This is a sample app demonstrating how to integrate and test the time-limited DTRichTextEditor framework.

Read this article for an explanation how DTRichTextEditor, DTCoreText, DTLoupe and DTWebView work together.


Note: This framework is only for demonstrating the technology. If you purchase the component you will be integrating it either via CocoaPods or git sub-module and xcode sub-project.

  1. Download the time-limited binary version from here
  2. Unzip it
  3. Drag the DTRichTextEditor.embeddedframework folder into your project, copy it into the project and add it to your target
  4. Build&Run

When running the component will output its expiration date on the console. DO NOT deploy any apps with this because those will crash after the expiration date.


You can purchase a source code license on the Cocoanetics Parts Store for 500 Euros. You will receive access to our private git repository where the component is continuously being worked on.

Follow @cocoanetics on Twitter.