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/* Script to update apps.db from schema version 0 to 1 */
begin exclusive transaction;
/* Add the meta table to keep the schema_version */
create table meta (schema_version integer);
insert into meta (schema_version) values (1);
/* temp table */
create table update_report as select * from report;
/* create new report table with additional column report_region_id */
drop table report;
CREATE TABLE report (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, report_type_id INTEGER, report_region_id INTEGER, from_date DATE, until_date DATE, downloaded_date DATE);
/* copy previous reports back to table */
insert into report (id, report_type_id, report_region_id, from_date, until_date, downloaded_date) select id, report_type_id, 0, from_date, until_date, downloaded_date from update_report;
/* clean up temp table */
drop table update_report;