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Tutorial for nolearn.lasagne

The following notebooks are tutorials, demonstrating how easy it is to do deep learning with nolearn/lasagne library. Some basic knowledge of deep learning is assumed. You should know multilayer perceptions and convolutional neural networks. See or cs231n for an introduction.

Slides of a tutorial on these notebooks given at the Zurich Machine Learning Meetup can be found here


To install the required python packages follow the installation procedure descriped in

To clone the demo itself

git clone

To start the ipython notebook server

ipython notebook

Installation on VM or Amazon

Alternatively you can use a VM. For example provides a VM and Amazon AMIs. To install the data science toolbox and lasagne on top of it see for a step-by-step instruction.

Other tutorials.

Creating this tutorial I was very much inspired by the following great tutorials:

  • danielnouri describing the use of Lasagne in facial keypoint detection. A great tutorial which inspired this tutorial.

  • msegala Code Plankton quite simple code, which also a contains a Batchiterator

Other inks

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