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Scholarly Orphans Trackers

AS2 Models

The AS2 models for various portals are available in the models folder. Each portal in the models folder is split into three directories: tracker, capture, and archiver. Each of these directories contain models for the tracker, capture, and archiver components of the Scholarly Orphans pipeline. Under each of these directories, there are AS2 message models for the most common event types for a portal.

All the models are serialized in valid JSON-LD. They are passed around and are consumed directly by the various components of the framework. In all the models across various portals, the researcher being tracked is named Alice, and only the artifacts Alice creates and interacts with are of interest. Hence, artifacts created by other researchers, even in portals that Alice is involved in, are not of interest. For example, if a researcher named Bob contributes to a repository owned by Alice, Alice's tracker will not record this event.

The AS2 messages generated by the tracker, capture, and archiver components must be based on these models. To add a new model or to edit an existing model, the following steps must be taken to make sure the models are compatible:

The RDF conversion and visualization helps keep the model and the graph simple as things can become very complex very fast. All of the existing models have been validated by performing the steps above, so any existing model can be used for comparison when creating any new model.



$> docker-compose build


$> docker-compose up




$> docker-compose down


Scholarly Orphans Trackers is a collaboration between the Prototyping Team of the Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Computer Science Department of Old Dominion University.

The Scholary Orphans tracker models are based on the analysis and design of:

  • Harihar Shankar (@hariharshankar)
  • Martin Klein (@martinklein0815)
  • Herbert Van de Sompel (@hvdsomp)


This repository is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.