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Generate synthesized speech using the Ivona Speech Cloud API.


ivonaspeak [options] [text] output-file

  -access-key KEY            Ivona Speech Cloud access key
  -secret-key KEY            Ivona Speech Cloud secret key
  -name NAME                 Voice name (e.g., "Eric")
  -gender GENDER             Voice gender (e.g., "male")
  -language LANGUAGE         Voice language (e.g., "en-US")
  -list-voices FILTER        List available voices and exit
                             (FILTER examples: "all", "male", "male,en-US")
  -text-file                 File containing text to be synthesized
                             (e.g., "speech.txt", "anecdote.xml")
  -format FORMAT             Format of text data
                             ("text" or "ssml", default: "text")