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Hannes Schmelzer
Signed-off-by: Hannes Schmelzer <>

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dxlAPRS is Free Software toolchain to operate APRS(r). The toolchain contains:

  • afskmodem soundmodem for 300-19200bd afsk/fsk modulation, 2 channels
  • aprsmap powerful aprs-viewer using open street map
  • gps2aprs aprs-tracker using connected gps-mouse
  • gps2digipos generate pos-beacon for digi/igate using connected gps
  • sondemod decode data produced by a RS92, SRC-C34, DFM06, RS41 wx-sonde, received with sondeudp
  • sondeudp soundmodem for RS92 wx-sonde
  • udpbox intelligent aprs-digipeater
  • udpflex interface between serial RMNC/KISS and AXUDP
  • udpgate4 aprs-igate
  • udphub L2-switch for AX25, one AXUDP port from a digipeater interfaced to many users
  • udprfnet

For more Details see License/README

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