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A repository to work on the ontology that provides support to the NetEx model
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Transmodel Ontology

A TransModel Ontology focused on Stops (Topography), Facilities, Scheduling and Fares (at least).

Purpose and scope of the vocabulary

With the ultimate goal of enabling the provision of multimodal transportation services, the EU Regulation 2017/1926 is requiring transport stakeholders to allow access to their data in specific data formats (i.e., NeTEx, SIRI).

Currently, the requested data formats are rarely used, thus a data conversion is needed. The SNAP solution supports data conversion, decreasing the time required to perform it and hiding its complexity.

At the same time, the base URI is already reserved by Pieter Colpaert, in the context of work in a CEN Transmodel working group.

Development phases

The material generated in the different activities carried out during the development of the vocabulary, use cases, user stories, glossary of terms, etc., will be available in the Vocabulary Wiki

Project maintenance

To manage those incidents or suggested improvements with respect to the vocabulary, we recommend you to follow the guides provided in Issues Management to generate an issue (work in progress)


Some queries will be performed in a SPARQL endpoint to test and exemplify its operability.

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