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Source for Oracle Directory Server Docker configurations, images, and Dockerfiles. These are unofficial Oracle Docker build scripts. If you're looking for them, take a look at the GitHub project oracle/docker-images. The following build scripts are maintained by
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Docker Images from OraDBA

This repository contains Dockerfiles and samples to build Docker images mainly for Oracle Directory Server products and open source projects. The different Dockerfiles and build scripts are maintained by OraDBA respectively Trivadis AG and do not represent official Oracle Build scripts. Oracle has its own official repository for Oracle Docker images on GitHub.

Just to clarify these Docker build scripts are unofficial Oracle Build scripts. See Oracle Docker images on GitHub for the official Oracle Docker build scripts.

This project offers Dockerfiles to build Docker images for:

  • Standalone Oracle Unified Directory to setup and run Oracle Unified Directory OUD.
  • Collocated Oracle Unified Directory and Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure to setup and run an Oracle Unified Directory Server Manager OUDSM.
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition to setup and run Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition ODSEE.
  • Oracle Java Server JRE 1.8.0 u162 (which includes necessary JDK bits for backend Java based solutions) Java

And Open Source projects:

Pre-built Images with Commercial Software

Due to the licensing conditions of Oracle there are no pre-built images with commercial software available. Nevertheless the Dockerfiles in this repository depend on Oracle Linux image with is either available via Oracle Container Registry server or on the Docker Store.


There is no official support for the Dockerfiles and build scripts within this repository. They basically are provided as they are. Nevertheless, a GitHub issue can be opened for questions and problems around the Dockerfiles and build script.

For support and certification information, please consult the documentation for each product. eg. Oracle Unified Directory and Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Alternatiely you may visit the OTN Community OUD & ODSEE Space to get community support. Official Oracle product support is available through My Oracle Support.


To download and run Oracle Unified Directory, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition and Oracle JDK, regardless whether inside or outside a Docker container, you must download the binaries from the Oracle website and accept the license indicated at that page.

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