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File metadata and controls

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Package Management

  • pkg_add <package name> install package
  • pkg_del <package name> remove package
  • pkg_info -Q query for package
  • pkg_info -mz | tee packages list all manually installed packages
  • pkg_add -l packages install the set of packages from provided file


  • Download ports tree via csv: cd /usr; doas cvs -qd checkout -rOPENBSD_6_9 -P ports
  • Add user foo to wsrc group: user mod -G wsrc foo
  • Change group ownership of ports to usergroup wsrc: chgrp wsrc ports; chmod 775 ports
  • Update the ports tree: cvs -q up -Pd -rOPENBSD_6_9
  • Search for a package in ports tree cd /usr/ports; make search key=firefox
  • Install package from ports cd /usr/ports/www/mozilla-firefox; make install


  • syspatch install base system patches
  • fw_update -a install available firmware updates for all devices

New Version upgrade

  • Do an automatic system upgrade with sysupgrade
    • The system will reboot automatically
  • After the reboot do a syspatch, pkg_add -u and a sysmerge -d


  • rcctl <command> service enable or disable a service, can also be used to start/stop services

Mount USB Stick

  • Show all storage devices with sysctl hw.disknames
  • Show partition layout of USB disk disklabel sd1
  • Mount the USB disk mount_msdos /dev/sd1i /mnt/usbstick
  • Do your stuff
  • Unmount umount /mnt/usbstick

Power Management

  • Use apm to show current power usage
  • Set CPU performance to high apm -H
  • Put the computer to suspend with zzz
  • Put the computer to hibernate with ZZZ

Enable screen lock for suspend / hibernae

  • APM executes the script /etc/apm/suspend or /etc/apm/hibernate before going into suspend or hibernate.

  • Create a file with the following content (replace with your actual username):

doas -u <username> env DISPLAY=:0 XAUTHORITY=/home/<username>/.Xauthority mate-screensaver-command -a &
  • Make it executable with chmod +x /etc/apm/suspend

Packet Filter (pf)

  • Manual enable pf pfctl -e
  • Manual disable pf pfctl -d
  • Load specific configuration file pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf
  • Parse configuration file (check for errors) pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf
  • Enable pf at start up rcctl enable pf
  • Show current pf rules pfctl -s rules
  • Show current pf configuration and stats pfctl -s all
  • Test new rules pfctl -ef <pf.conf>; sleep 15; pfctl -d

Example configuration for single-homed system

ethernet_if = "vio0"

block in log

antispoof quick for $ethernet_if

set skip on lo0
pass out on $ethernet_if from any to any 
pass in on $ethernet_if inet proto tcp to any port { 22 80 443 }
pass in inet proto icmp all icmp-type $icmp_types