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Meeting May 2020 (online)

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Due to the current situation, the first virtual oemof dev and user meeting is going to take place! The date stays the same, there will be online sessions during that period.


from 13th to 15th of May, 2020


Etherpad for documentation:



Here, you will find the current time table:

There is a stream available for up to 200 participants without registration. The link can be found here (same link as time table).

In the stream, questions can be asked via the chat. If you want to be part of the session and be able to talk you have to send an e-mail with the sessions you want to take part to the following address:

On Tuesday night you will get an e-mail with all login details. The 22 participants, on this list will have priority. The limit for each session is 22.

List of Topics

You are welcome to present your current oemof project in the session "project pitches" (see "Sessions with user focus" below). If you want to do that, please post here

There could be the option of adding additional sessions, since there are some slots open. Please join the welcome session on Wednesday. This options will be discussed there. You can also post in here:

The following should give an overview of the announced sessions.

Sessions with user focus

Topic Description Type Chair Length [min]
project pitches Everybody can shortly pitch their current project with oemof (max. 3 slides! max. 3 min.!) presentation/plenum 30...60 min, depending on participants
oemof.thermal Tutorial How to use the new components presentation c-moeller or jnnr
WindNODE ABW A regional power+heat model with flexibility options presentation nesnoj 30..45 min
power market modeling in oemof Overview on POMMES, a European dispatch and invest power market model using oemof presentation jokochems 30..45 min
OpenEnergyPlatform - A community database for energy data Introduction of the newest features presentation Ludee 30..45 min

Sessions with developer focus

Topic Description Type Chair Length [min]
Website Decision on further financing (oemof foundation? Transfer from Wordpress to GitHub-Page? Other ideas?) busiing
DHNx Present the current state and discuss next steps for development of the district heating network toolbox jnnr 90m+
aggregation of decentralized solar power systems c-moeller
Progress in demand response modelling Current state / comparison of alternative modeling approaches presentation jokochems 30..45 min
oemof/tabular - OEP - OEO Discussion Ludee 45 min
windpowerlib We will talk about the last steps for the upcoming release, open issues and next steps. Work session birgits 45-60 min
Unbundling oemof / new skeletons Explaining the new structure and the new testing environment. Explaining the new CIs that have been added. Everything is still in the move and can be decided. Live presentation, discussion uvchik 30-60 min


  1. Francesco Witte (ZNES Flensburg) - fwitte
  2. Johannes Röder (Uni Bremen) - joroeder
  3. Jann Launer (RLI) - jnnr
  4. Caroline Möller (RLI) - c-moeller
  5. Sabine Haas (RLI) - SabineHaas
  6. Martha Hoffmann (RLI) - smartie2076
  7. Jonathan Amme (RLI) - nesnoj
  8. Steffen Wehkamp (OFFIS) - busiing
  9. Johannes Kochems (TU Berlin) - jokochems
  10. Fernando Penaherrera (UOL/OFFIS) - Fernando3161
  11. Björn - B-Uhle (user-part)
  12. Guido Pleßmann (RLI) - gplssm
  13. Ludwig Hülk (RLI) - Ludee
  14. Uwe Krien (Uni Bremen) uvchik
  15. Max Parzen (University of Edinburgh) pz-max
  16. David Beier (Uni Bremen) beierd
  17. Francesco Mezzera (Politecnico di Milano) fra-mezzera
  18. Tim Scherwath (BBHC) tscherwath
  19. Martin Dotzauer (DBFZ) Bitte1Bit
  20. Yannick Werner (TU Berlin)
  21. Jakob Wolf (Beuth Hochschule) - jakob-wo
  22. Hendrik Huyskens (RLI) henhuy
  23. Mathias Heiker (Hochschule Osnabrück) mheiker
  24. Birgit Schachler (RLI) birgits
  25. Samuel Macchi (Politecnico di Milano) makki111
  26. Christian Klemm (FH Münster) chrklemm