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Meeting May 2019

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The meeting is suggested to take place in Oldenburg in May 2019, starting on Wednesday 05/15/1019 at about noon and ending on Friday, 05/17/2019 also about noon.


DLR-Institut für Vernetzte Energiesysteme (Bldg. A), Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 15, 26129 Oldenburg (see

Suggested Accommodation


The next oemof meeting will take place in Oldenburg from 15th to 17th of May. The event is hosted by the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems. It will combine the 3rd annual user meeting and the 10th biannual developer meeting. The developer meeting aims at the specification of upcoming features and functions within oemof. The user meeting gives the opportunity to improve and accelerate your work by exchanging with other users. This second part officially starts on Thursday after lunch. It will include an introduction to oemof v0.3.

Anyone who is interested is cordially invited to participate. Please find detailed information and the topics we collected up to now at If you want to register or have topics to add, please contact us at or via email ( We will develop the agenda based on your input.


Protocols will be collected here For each session, one person should be assigned that writes a protocol.


Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 - 12:00 Arrival (Dev focus) (User focus)
13:00 - 18:00 (Dev focus) (User focus) Departure


  • Consistent docstrings
  • Who feels responsible to review PRs?
  • 0.3 release?
  • TESPy: Improve architecture of residual value vector and Jacobian matrix.
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Possible speedup of rolling horizon simulations
  • Subnetworks
  • Directed or mixed graph

Mixed interest

  • Status of heat components


  • Speed poster session: projects using oemof
  • Simulating heat supply in oemof TESPy and solph
  • Optimization of integrated energy systems of residential areas
  • Applicability of windpowerlib for small scale wind turbines (in residential areas)

Detailed description of topics

Dynamic simulation

Instead of minimizing the cost function, dynamic simulation allows simulation of dispatch following a set of rules. In the last dev meeting, a SIG has formed to discussed implementing that approach as an alternative to solph. Here, the considerations will be presented to decide how to continue.

Directed or mixed graph

Originally, oemof was designed using the concept of directed graphs. However, there are problems that could be modelled easier allowing also undirected edges (e.g. the one in issue 567. An example implementing a mixed graph is using BIDIRECTIONAL_FLOWS, where negative actual_values are allowed.

Speed poster session: projects using oemof

(Planned for Thursday.)

A speed poster session combines a poster session with a very brief presentation. Every participant may bring a poster (A1) and one slide (PDF, no animations) which serves as an introduction to the topic presented in the poster. First, the posters are placed in a round. After, during the introduction of participants, the authors are standing next to their posters while the corresponding slide is displayed. So, the others also get visual impressions of the corresponding topic. This way, it is much easier to memorize the interests and topics of the fellow participants: Topic and person as well as the location of the presenter are automatically linked in the audience's minds. When the floor is then opened, the posters remain where their presenter was standing to help inducing productive discussions.


  1. fwitte, Fr
  2. Patrik Schönfeldt
  3. Sunke
  4. Steffen
  5. Lucas
  6. Peter
  7. Uli
  8. jnnr
  9. FranziPl
  10. jakob-wo
  11. Alex-89 (BU Wuppertal), Th, Fr
  12. Björn (BU Wuppertal), Th, Fr
  13. Christian (FH Münster)
  14. birgits
  15. Uwe (Uni Bremen)
  16. gnn, We, Th
  17. Eva, Th, Fr
  18. Johannes (Uni Bremen)
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