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terminal app for home cookers
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Recipe App


All aspiring chefs begin at home. This application is targeted at the home cooks. With recipes, required ingredients and steps required to reach culinary excellence.


  • Select recipe
  • Select recipe by ingredient (second iteration)
  • Check selection
  • Display ingredients
  • iterate through steps
  • go back a step (second iteration)
  • restart app


Requires Ruby to run.

A few gems are required

$ gem install json
$ gem install rainbow
$ gem install terminal-table

To run application at terminal

$ ruby app.rb



screenshot1 screenshot2

The Experience

This was a really great experience. This was Jessica's idea and once I realised we would be wrangling Json data, I jumped all over it. We had loads of hiccups, lots of troubleshooting, and we succeeded. Paired programming at it's finest.

Here is our initial thoughts and design ideas brainstorming_sesh1 brainstorming_sesh2

This is our work plan and trello boards: trello trello2 trello3 trello4 trello5

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