Convert XM files to Echo Stream Format
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XM2ESF  -  Convert XM files to echo stream format

Written in/for	FreeBasic
Platform	Win32, Linux

To use this at all, you are going to need ECHO:

This program is the only program able to 

XM2ESF - XM to Echo Stream Format converter

Beta Version

Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Oerg866   
Email: oerg866-at-tototek-dot-com 

Echo (C) 2010-2015 Sik, Oerg866, TiTAN

Please report bugs using email at oerg866-at-tototek-dot-com or use any
other viable method, such as forum threads, IRC, skype or similar.

Please acknowledge that this program is not in a stable state yet
and its creator can not be held responsible for consequences
evolving from the usage, be it proper or improper, of this program.

Also, lots of hours of bugfixing and testing went into this.
Please keep this in mind when using this program.


usage: xm2esf <infile> <outfile> -<switches>

<infile>  is an XIF file. An XIF file is a descriptor
          file that contains all the parameters which xm2esf will
          respect while creating the resulting ESF file, and also the
          path and filename to the input XM file.

          Creating an XIF file is possible using the bundled xm2esfgui
          It is very easy to use and creates a XIF file
          that is perfectly parseable by xm2esf :)

          For other software and information, please visit

<outfile> is the output path ad filename xm2esf will use to create
          the resulting ESF file. Please note that if this file exists
          it WILL BE OVERWRITTEN, even if you encounter a bug and the
          conversion somehow fails .


-p        Retrigger volume envelope on PSG channel when the instrument column
          is filled when there is one of the standard portamento/vibrato
          effects playing. (1xx, 2xx, 3xx and 4xx)
-r        Like -p, except it triggers regardless of the effect column's

Bye :D!