OERPUB Aloha Editor is a repo for the development of Aloha plugins, models, tests, and examples for use in the production of books and open educational resources. We intend to commit all code back to Aloha when plugins reach maturity.
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Welcome to the OERPUB fork of the Aloha Editor

We are adapting the Aloha editor for creating books, textbooks and other structured content. We are adding mathematics editing and the ability to add educational features like examples, exercises, equations, and glossary entries.

Copyright: Contributions to this repository by the OERPUB project contractors are Copyright (c) 2013 Kathi Fletcher.

Funding: Funding to the OERPUB fork of Aloha Editor for editing textbook content has been funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation through a fellowship and project funds to Kathi Fletcher.

Demos: Thanks for checking us out! You can play with some of our demos by going to our Demo Page

Plugins: Development is done in branches off of master, which are then tested on the dev branch, specifically in the Plugins directory.

Quickstart: To get a development enviroment set up quickly and start working on the editor, use the following instructions. The instructions are for Ubuntu using nginx as the webserver, but you can of course use apache or if you have a mac the webserver that is already present.

Development Workflow: If you develop please look at our dev workflow

The gh-pages branch contains demo HTML files that point to CDN versions of external packages so people can play with the demos. gh-pages is periodically merged from master when new features are released.

Original Aloha Readme follows.

Aloha Editor - The HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

New Documentation

We're currently writing new new guides. You can find these at /doc/guides/output and on our website: http://aloha-editor.org

For help there is:

To get updates you can:

  • Subscribe to GitHub updates by clicking the "watch" button up the top right of this page.
  • Subscribe to RSS feed updates for the dev branch and/or master branch

Repository Directory Structure

  • /bin - Build scripts
  • /build - Build configuration
  • /doc
  • /doc/api - The API documentation
  • /doc/guides - This document
  • /vendor - Vendor source code. (e.g. ExtJS, require-js, jquery)
  • /target - Build output folder
  • /src
  • /src/css - Aloha core css files
  • /src/demo - Aloha demos
  • /src/img - Aloha core images
  • /src/lib - Require plugins and bootstrap files
  • /src/lib/aloha - Main Aloha Editor core sources
  • /src/lib/vendor - Vendor source code. E.g. ExtJS, jquery
  • /src/lib/util - Utility sources. (e.g. json2.js, class.js)
  • /src/plugins
  • /src/plugins/common - Common plugin bundle
  • /src/plugins/extra - Extra plugin bundle
  • /src/test - QUnit tests