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  • "Protected": instance variable or function that begins with an underscore (ie @_loadComplex: () ->). Should only be used by subclasses
  • "Attribute": Backbone.Model that can be changed via @get('name') or set('name', value, options)
  • "Property": instance variable on the model (ie @propertyName)
  • "Method": instance function on the model (ie @isDirty())
  • "Event": event fired on the Model (ie @on 'ui:saved', () ->)
  • "Singletons": Only one instance of this exists in the runtime

Naming Conventions

  • ALL_CAPS: Enum or Singleton
  • _startsWithUnder: "Protected" variable or method (only to be used by subclasses)
  • camelCase: local variable/function or instance variable/function
  • ClassName: class or variable containing a constructor

Components Overview

Abstract Models

  • manipulate relationships
  • fire child:add/remove events and trickle up
  • keep lists (Backbone.Collection) of getChildren()
  • do not set HTML

Saveable Models

  • implement _loadComplex()
  • serialize()
  • parse() (send parse: true in options)
  • onReloaded()
  • onSaved()


All Content Collection

Stores all loadable/saveable models

Root (EpubContainer or Workspace)

  • accepts instance variable contains array of mediatypes
  • save() optional method (defined in EpubContainer but unused in Workspace)

Remote Updater

  • refers to set of models (allContent Singleton)
  • fires reloaded on models
  • remembers hash of last commit


  • listens to all models
  • sets dirty flag (unless options.parse is set)

UI State

Models may contain state that is not saved (only used for UI). These are defined as Backbone.Model attributes that begin with ui:.

  • ui:unsaved boolean: this model has unsaved local changes
  • ui:selected boolean: this model is selected (currently showing in the content editor, or currently in the sidebar)
  • ui:original JSON: the most recently loaded JSON object


Note: when an event is caused by a remote update, the {remote:true} option will be sent along with the event

  • The usual change:* events
  • toc:add/remove/move
  • HTML resource:add/remove : Notify when resources (images) are added/removed

Abstract Models


  • Attributes:
    • id: always an absolute href from the root of the EPUB
    • ui:unsaved: boolean denotes there are local changes to this model
  • Events (optional):
    • loaded
    • reloaded
    • saved
  • Methods:
    • defines load(): returns a promise
    • defines reload(): returns a promise
    • defines isDirty(): NOTE: use this method instead of checking ui:dirty because a Book can be dirty if the OPF OR the NavPage have unsaved changes
    • abstract onReloaded(): returns true if there are NO local changes
    • abstract _loadComplex() (used by load() if the model needs more than a single fetch() to "load" itself
    • abstract onSaved() (called by SAVER)


Mixin that provides a tree structure:

  • getChildren()
  • getParent()
  • getRoot()
  • dfs( (model) -> ) returns the first match defined by iterator or null using a depth-first-search
  • bfs( (model) -> ) returns the first match defined by iterator or null using a breadth-first-search
  • addChild(child, at)
  • removeChild(child, options)
  • newNode(options) defined only on the root; returns a new Backbone.Model using the options passed in

Book (extends Saveable and TreeItem)

  • Properties:
    • _tocNodes Collection of all leaf nodes (for easy lookup)
  • abstract getToc() returns the TocPage (or self in the case of atc)

Page (extends Saveable)

  • change:body (possibly also with {remote:true} option)
  • resource:add/remove (Note: Maybe this should be done by xhtml-file?)

TocPage (extends Page)

  • extends Page
  • getChildren() and fires child:add/remove/move (possibly also with {remote:true} option)
  • the Book is passed in to the constructor
  • listens to toc:add/remove/move and updates the HTML
  • Note: abstract serialize() and parse() are still undefined

TocItem (extends TreeItem)

  • getPage() returns a Page or null if it does not point to a Page (like a chapter or unit)
  • Optionally can store a title attribute (overridden title)
  • Note: abstract addChild is still undefined

Concrete Models

opf-file (Book)

  • serialize(): return an OPF XML file
  • parse(): Parse an OPF XML file. Add all <manifest/> items to ALL_CONTENT
  • saved(): clear all "local changes"
  • reloaded(): replay local changes
    • always add <manifest> items (never remove, just to be safe)
    • DO NOT redo local property changes like title, isbn, etc (instead let the user know they were changed remotely; to reduce thrashing)


  • (Optional) fires item:add/remove (also called because of remote changes with {remote:true} option)
  • listens to toc:add/remove and resource:add/remove to update the <manifest/> items

xhtml-file (Page)

  • serialize(): return @get('body') and @('head') (and maybe title)
  • parse(): set @set('body'), head, and title
  • reloaded(): use jsdifflib to find changes (and detect conflicts; use the remote one when conflict occurs)

toc-node (TocItem)

  • defines addChild(model, at) which either links to the child or creates a Copy (if it is a different book)
  • contains an overridden title property if there is one
    • NOTE: ToC views should use @.toJSON().title instead of @get('title') when rendering the ToC to ge the correct title (in the book context)

toc-file (TocPage)

  • extends xhtml-file
  • getChildren()
  • fires child:add/remove/move