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Reversatile: Reversi for Android
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Reversatile - Zebra Reversi for Android

Development: Build Status Development

Master: Build Status Master

FOSS-branch Build Status Foss

This app continues the work of the discontinued Droidzebra:

Since Version 1.4 this app needs Android 5 to run. The latest release that supports older version can be found here

Reversatile is a graphical front-end for well-known Zebra Othello Engine written by Gunnar Andersson. It is one of the strongest othello-playing programs in the world. More info on Zebra engine can be found here:

The game requires 10MB of storage (external or internal) to play.

Info about Reversi:

You will need approximately 15mb of storage space to install and play the game.

assets/ - compressed book and coeffs2.bin jni/ - C code Zebra + mods src/ - Java code res/ - resource files

Differences from droidzebra:

  • will start in practise mode with highest difficulty
  • can read games via intents/copy and paste

Current features:

  • Zebra engine
  • play human vs human, hunam vs computer, computer vs computer
  • multiple levels of play
  • practice mode
  • unlimited undo

The Development/Master Branch uses play store apis. The foss branch is free vom closed source software.

Version 1.0.0

  • added functionality to enter games (via copy and paste or manually)
  • added functionality to listen to intent from Reversi Wars

Version 1.3.x.

  • guess the best move mode

Version 1.4.X.

  • Better Status View
  • Minimum Android 5
  • landscape mode
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