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Basic notes about generating a production release

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## Deployment
### Configuration
Before you generate a production release, you need to set up your `config/prod.secret.exs` file
use Mix.Config
config :ex_venture, Data.Repo,
adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres,
database: "fill me in",
hostname: "fill me in",
port: "5432",
ssl: true,
username: "fill me in",
password: "fill me in",
pool_size: 20
config :gossip, :client_id, "fill me in"
config :gossip, :client_secret, "fill me in"
config :pid_file, file: "/home/user/"
Other configuration you may want to include in this file is cluster configuration (if you're clustering) and Sentry configuration to get error reporting.
You also need several environment variables to be present when the server is running. A simple way of doing this is adding the following to `/etc/profile.d/`, so they are sourced when logging in.
export HOST="fill me in"
export HTTP_PORT="443"
export HTTP_SCHEME="https"
export SMTP_SERVER="fill me in"
export SMTP_PORT="fill me in"
export SMTP_USERNAME="fill me in"
export SMTP_PASSWORD="fill me in"
export EXVENTURE_MAILER_FROM="fill me in"
### Generating a release
Distillery is used to generate releases. Once a release is generated you can copy the tar file to the server and start it up.

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