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use Mix.Config
# In this file, we keep production configuration that
# you'll likely want to automate and keep away from
# your version control system.
# You should document the content of this
# file or create a script for recreating it, since it's
# kept out of version control and might be hard to recover
# or recreate for your teammates (or yourself later on).
config :grapevine, Web.Endpoint,
secret_key_base: ""
config :grapevine, Web.Endpoint,
url: [host: "", port: 443, scheme: "https"],
cache_static_manifest: "priv/static/cache_manifest.json"
config :grapevine, :socket, tls: true
# Configure your database
config :grapevine, Grapevine.Repo,
database: "grapevine",
hostname: "localhost",
pool_size: 10
config :grapevine, :errors, report: true
config :sentry,
dsn: "",
environment_name: :prod,
enable_source_code_context: true,
root_source_code_path: File.cwd!(),
tags: %{env: "production"},
included_environments: [:prod]
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