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# Import all plugins from `rel/plugins`
# They can then be used by adding `plugin MyPlugin` to
# either an environment, or release definition, where
# `MyPlugin` is the name of the plugin module.
Path.join(["rel", "plugins", "*.exs"])
|> Path.wildcard()
use Mix.Releases.Config,
# This sets the default release built by `mix release`
default_release: :default,
# This sets the default environment used by `mix release`
default_environment: Mix.env()
# For a full list of config options for both releases
# and environments, visit
# You may define one or more environments in this file,
# an environment's settings will override those of a release
# when building in that environment, this combination of release
# and environment configuration is called a profile
environment :dev do
set dev_mode: true
set include_erts: false
set cookie: :"(*.VMz%3=&MrBo$r]M`&s7a~ok{eecL=/U?r_|0!Rbq5mLy[wCzsDV^j>5m%W_,S"
environment :prod do
set include_erts: true
set include_src: false
set cookie: :crypto.hash(:sha256, System.get_env("COOKIE")) |> Base.encode16 |> String.to_atom
set vm_args: "rel/vm.args.eex"
set config_providers: [
{Mix.Releases.Config.Providers.Elixir, ["/etc/grapevine.config.exs"]}
# You may define one or more releases in this file.
# If you have not set a default release, or selected one
# when running `mix release`, the first release in the file
# will be used by default
release :grapevine do
set version: current_version(:grapevine)
set applications: [
grapevine_telnet: :none
set commands: [
migrate: "rel/commands/",
restarting: "rel/commands/",
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