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@oetiker oetiker released this May 16, 2017 · 244 commits to master since this release

This release has only very few user visible changes , but the whole code has been analyzed with Coverty and issues have been fixed. So there should be many fewer chances for rrdtool to crash from odd input.


  • made rrd_fetch_cb_wrapper in RRDs more careful with its arguments
  • many bugfixes to resolve issues identified Coverty scan
  • fix build issues with libdbl
  • take the ds step into account while caching data in rrd graph DEF statements
  • never 'exit' from librrd (even when DEBUG is on)


  • new command rrd list to show rrd files in a directory
  • configurable log-level for rrdcached
  • hungarian translation (hu.po)


  • New Exported funtions: rrd_lcd, rrd_reduce_data, rrd_cf_conf and rrd_list
  • rrd_list support for perl and python binding
  • all new and much more complete python bindings working on both python 2.6+ and 3.3+
  • extended documentation in rrdlib.pod
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