reengineered SmokePing, using Extopus as its frontend
Perl Shell


SmokePing 3.x

SmokePing is a monitoring system, specialized in end-to-end measurements.
Instead of asking a 3rd system for performance data and logging the answer,
SmokePing exectutes its own probes. Plug-ins provide support for a wide
variety of measurements.

The master-slave architecture allows several SmokePing instances to get their
configuration form one central point. Slave instances may sit behind
fire-walls since the only requirement is that they can reach the master
server over a http(s) link to get configuration instructions and return
measurement data.

SmokePing's focus is on running probes and raising alerts. It provides
access to the fruits of its toil via a REST interface.

Data Visualisation

SmokePing is supported by the Extopus frontend. Extopus can integrate data
from several monitoring systems in a single coherent GUI. See for more information.


2013-09-04 No real code yet, only infrastructure and documentation.