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Addressing issue #154 #379

merged 4 commits into from Oct 2, 2018
Changes from 3 commits
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Just for now

@@ -389,8 +389,8 @@ my $createSnapshot = sub {
#no HUP handler in child

my $snapshotName = $backupSet->{src} . '@'
. $self->zTime->createSnapshotTime($timeStamp, $backupSet->{tsformat});
my $snapshotSuffix = $self->zTime->createSnapshotTime($timeStamp, $backupSet->{tsformat});
my $snapshotName = $backupSet->{src} . '@'. $snapshotSuffix;

#set env variables for pre and post scripts use
local $ENV{ZNAP_NAME} = $snapshotName;
@@ -427,6 +427,43 @@ my $createSnapshot = sub {

# remove snapshots from descendant subsystems that have the property "enabled" to "off", if the
# "recursive" flag is set to "on"
if ($backupSet->{recursive} eq 'on') {

$self->zLog->info("checking ZFS dependent datasets from '$backupSet->{src}' explicitely excluded");

# restrict the list to the datasets that are descendant from the current
my @dataSetList = grep /^$backupSet->{src}($|\/)/, @{$self->zZfs->listDataSets()};
if (@dataSetList) {

# for each dataset: if the property "enabled" is set to "off", set the
# newly created snapshot for removal
my @dataSetsExplicitelyDisabled = ();
for my $dataSet (@dataSetList){

# get the value for org.znapzend property
my @cmd = (@{$self->zZfs->priv}, qw(zfs get -H -s local -o value org.znapzend:enabled), $dataSet);
print STDERR '# ' . join(' ', @cmd) . "\n" if $self->debug;
open my $prop, '-|', @cmd;

# if the property does not exist, the command will just return. In this case,
# the value is implicit "on"
$prop = <$prop> || "on";
if ( $prop eq 'off' ) {
push(@dataSetsExplicitelyDisabled, $dataSet . '@' . $snapshotSuffix);

# remove the snapshots previously marked
if ( @dataSetsExplicitelyDisabled ){
$self->zLog->info("Requesting removal of marked datasets: ". join( ", ", @dataSetsExplicitelyDisabled));

#clean up env variables
delete $ENV{ZNAP_NAME};
delete $ENV{ZNAP_TIME};
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